Midtown Neighborhood

Midtown Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2007

In attendance: Steve W., Ian, Roberta, Karen, Leonardo, Dave, Raymond Carr, Patti, Andy, Steve P., and Kristen.

Meeting began at 7:10 PM. 4/9/07.


The envelopes and letterhead are done. Leonardo donated $100 to the printing of the letterhead and we used $187 from the treasurer budget.

YPD report

A.P. Plypiak spoke at 7:25 PM. Primarily larceny from vehicles. Houses- check your locks. Report anything out of place. Domestic assaults are high in our area. Stolen vehicles sometimes. There was a drug raid on Summit. There is drug activity at the house next to VFW, back apartment. For Brandy’s you have to keep calling whenever you see anything. Steve Pierce mentioned how landlords are penalized for 1 year if tenants are dealing- why can’t businesses be? Neighborhood said that we should come together to contact the liquor control commissioner- send a letter from midtown. Collect stats and raids and busts and add those stats to the letter that we send to them.

What about a camera- too expensive to have people monitor. We could run it to the internet and have anyone monitor. This would be a violation of a persons privacy rights/ issue with the ACLU, etc.

Neighborhood Signs for MNA

One correction on the Normal/MI Ave one- Patti has corrected it already. $1925 estimate. The only one with an issue is the one at Family’s Fried Chicken- we haven’t gotten the proper “go-ahead” yet. Dave said that he was concerned with the height of the sign b/c of issues when you drive at night from congress to Michigan Avenue at night when the light is blinking. Karen said that the sign would sit back. Local sign dealers: Glemps- and place next to Rocket- Karen will look into both.
We currently have $400 that has been raised and need to raise another $1500.

We brainstormed to come up with an idea of how to fundraise: Steve suggested cell phones donations. Roberta said we could flyer for information and donations- give a return envelope for easy return. Ian suggested another garage sale. We have 750 doors in midtown- even half giving $10 each would help. Have everybody give email addresses. Will pass them out at the Spring Cleaning. Patti volunteered to donate her time to design the flyers. Plant sale and tree sale for fundraisers. Patti will check into it.

What about graffiti? Contact sign company to see about cleaning issues. What about putting plastic over it?

Spring Cleaning

April 15th. Karen’s house 1-3 PM. Snacks and refreshments beforehand. She is getting some boy-scouts to help. Put a sign up at Midtown Garden. Andy suggested on the email to ask folks to clean their yards and streets the day before, esp. if you can’t come out. Raymond will contact one of the on-campus fraternities. Karen and Ian/Roberta’s kids are at Ypsi High and they will check with them about getting clubs getting involved.

Ypsilanti Pride Day Clean Up

May 15th. Karen wants folks to volunteer but have them do work in Midtown. The point garden at Michigan Avenue. We need to check w/ Lesley to see if folks are already doing something or if we can.

Spring Party

noon-3:00 PM. Using in front of Normal- block it off. But using Congress garden. Going to change the date to Saturday June 9 2007. Potluck. Need to get the permit to block Normal- Roberta will look into it.

Miscellaneous Announcements

Kristen reported from Lesley that the community garden clean up- a success! We had atleast 12 people out and got a lot done. We talked about the possible fundraising/selling lettuce idea. The group agreed that we would purchase lettuce.

Next meeting is July. Do we want another social? Kristen suggested child friendly (per Lesley’s suggestion). We want to be close to our neighborhood. Andrews on Cross Street, Tower Inn, La Fiesta. It was agreed that we would go the Tower Inn, Monday May 14th social hour at the tower Inn.

People talked about annexing the area by the stores (north of Washtenaw).

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.