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Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 12; 7:00 - 8:30pm

Harvey started the meeting at 7:10 PM.

Topic: "What I've done in public life and what I'd like to do in public life the next 4 years."

[secretary note: I was typing very fast and these are they loose notes]

Juanita House: Resident of Ypsi last 45 years. Alumni ypsd. Went to EMU, graduated 2003 with social work degree. Graduated 2005 from UMICH in social work. Last of 7 people in my family.

Trudy Swanson: born and raised in Ypsilanti. Ypsd. Went to Tennessee school of religion, 2002. Chaired MLK dinner dance. Organized and on Òask meÓ womenÕs community. You have to have compassion for people.

Dave Kircher: Resident last 40 years. Graduated EMU in engineering. Attended law schoolÉ served a term in city council.

What done: House: started Heritage roots foundation/ (or association?). Borders on 2nd and Harriet Street. The association is open to the public and all residents. Worked at AATA for 5 years, started the WomenÕs Union (successful). Sat on CAB (community action board) for the last few years. Have been going to school to help prepare to be the Plan to bring a fresh perspective on economic development. Wants to help w/ collaborative w/ EMU- itÕs a great resource. Wants to explore different shared resources like YCUA. Interested in revitalizing YPSI- make it a destination. Wants people to know that downtown is a hub. Wants water street up and going and operational. Want to encourage business and entrepreneurship in the city. Wants to keep residents here. Issue of connectivity: we need to prioritize service. We have communities who rely on that transportation and we rely on that transportation. I want to keep ensuring safe communities and community policing. I want to be able to address issues that relevant for each and every community. I want to put vacant houses back on the tax roll. Budget: fiscal responsibility and eliminate waste.

Trudy: for the last five years I have worked with the focus hope food program. Work with seniors 60 years and older. Deliver food throughout the community .as of this month weÕve lost our place for volunteers and place to house food. We deliver 45-50 boxes to the elderly in those three complexes. I was one to help push through re-paving in all streets of Ypsilanti. Citywide. Had to go back and what happened replace sewers. When we closed Park Ridge I requested a grant for Park Ridge and it stayed open for a (few years)? $40,000 and then she raised 700 dollars. Sit on the transportation board for the southeast (Sincow?). wants mass transit. There are a lot of vehicles on the road now and that is why we have a lot of road rage. The next four years I want to work with the school systems. We have a lot of young males, particularly on the south side, to start monitoring these kids. They are getting in trouble. Work with a countywide mileage; put a mileage on the ballot. To keep the bus running. Housing for the homeless. Not just singles but families. We need to have the ability to provide emergency funding. I work with the ministerial alliance to set up something that people can go to and not wait until the 11th hourÉ Working along with people in the whole city- when one part of the city is crying the whole city is crying.

Kircher: What I have done: I spent a lot of time in the last three or four years. I have observed a lot of problems that need to be corrected. There are a lot of problems that are not reported in the newspaper. The future of Ypsilanti: itÕs hard to look to the future when the problems of the present are not solved. The most obvious of the problem facing the city is the water street project. This is what happens when people who donÕt have enough experience get in over their heads. Interest rates are moving up to about 8. Everyone who has bought a home knows that 90% is interest. Now we are faced w/ higher rates. The rates are going to be so high- people are not going to want the housing now that it will be so much more money. We are not going to find 700 people. 700 sq feet $200 K in ypsi, when it would be 109K in Ann Arbor. I know that two of the last three mayors moved to ann arbor. $2 million we paid out- Downzoning, reduces the population. If you run the people out of the town then we get less state aid.

Juanita: we all want the best for Ypsilanti. Need a good city, have to provide a good place for our young people, young families. Need a city youth facility to get our youth actively involved.

Trudy: we extend, we come together for the common good of human beings who are living in the city of Ypsilanti.

David: the city is going to make some real hard decisions, as to what they are going to do with the funds available.

Lesley: how are you being sure that you are able to address the needs of ALL of your population?

David: making four zones (instead of 3). Go to a two-year cycle. Thinks there is a problem with the majority of home owners ruling over the transient population and

Juanita: I think that we can all have associations and platforms to discuss these issues.

Trudy: we have NAÕs within our ward. If there is a pressing issue they will contact us. This is not my ward; it is the peopleÕs ward. We are your servants. We need you to direct us.

Leonardo: what are you going to do to get us out of this mess? Trudy: we have been able to keep us afloat, thanks to the city manager. Its happened and its here now and all we can do is deal with it. Wants the income tax to be on the ballot. We shouldnÕt ask what are You (city council) going to do, but what are we all going to do?

Juanita: we need to be encouraging people to get down here- to have more businesses. We need to be more friendly, make it easier. Taxes, IÕm not sure because I havenÕt been given the information. We need to have an easier government, be able to get forms.

David: instead of spending $20K on a committee to study the effect of the income tax, I think we should have spent the money on the how we are going to balance the budget.

Leonardo: we have spent $50K to look for a new chief. We are spending another $50K to help the farmers market. What can you do to make sure the contracts are fulfilled?

[secretary note: my battery was nearly dead. I stopped taking notes on this issue & have just general notes on the rest].

Harvey thanked our guests and moved on to neighborhood business.

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Harvey dismissed the meeting at 8:50 PM.