Midtown Neighborhood

Midtown Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2006

Harvey started the meeting at 7:13 PM For attendance see attendance sheet.

Down zoning Discussion

Harvey: there was a city council meeting last week on down zoning. There was pre-planning at the NLDP.

Harvey spoke about the March 7th meeting of the City Council. They adopted the Midtown proposal, however they decided to use a two-step program. R-2 and then R-1 at some later date because they need to revamp the master plan and make a R-1A designation (it currently doesn't exist). The city council struck out the text amendment regarding rebuilding if your current place is in good standing.

Rodney: We need to go the planning commission meetings. Rodney volunteered to go on Wednesday to represent the Association.

Opportunities for Involvement- "The ongoing teamwork in Midtown"

Harvey led a discussion of quarterly "work" meetings. The leadership team proposed turning the April meeting into a time to work on the summer party planning and garden information. The meeting agreed to try it out. We need to come up with a name for this. "Neighborhood sub-committee" and "Brainstorming session" were suggested. One of the police officers suggested assigning tasks.

The meeting agreed that we needed to highlight this meeting. Eli agreed to make a sign. Steve Pierce recommended getting A-frame signs. Harvey recommended using the "political wire" signs. Kristen will see if Patti would be willing to design another flyer.

Neighborhood Finance Report

Eli Morrissey. We will send out an online form and give out the slips at the April meeting.

Neighborhood Incidents

Captain Hershberger reported that the last Co-Pac meeting that we had and there was not much crime to report. There is a report of the assault on Congress and rapes on campus that there is a team of investigators working on from area police stations and investigators. There is a gag order by the judge and they hope to have it reported on by next week. The person is off of the street.

Rodney Nanny: Outgoing chief-retirement reception. Chief Basar. March 31, 2006. Riverside Arts Center 5:30-6:30 PM.


Special Elections to be held in April. Rachel has resigned and we need to elect a new vice president. Rodney nominated Elana Nanny. If you have someone to nominate, please bring him or her to the next meeting. Rachel will send out an email regarding her resignation and the upcoming election.

New Business

The mayor has open office hours. The leadership team thought this would be a great idea to open up dialogue with the mayor. We'd love to have people volunteer to do this-they would have to sign up in advance. Jerry Lawson, city clerk this is who you schedule the meeting with (3-5 PM). It was suggested to do 15 minute intervals. Rodney Nanney suggested sending a letter to the Mayor expressing our thanks of her work.

Harvey Krage has been working w/ Marti Bombayk about the possibility of the city's neighborhood association president's to start meeting. Eventually he would be interested in having the entire leadership team involved.

Upcoming Meetings at the Senior Center

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.