Midtown Neighborhood

Midtown Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

November 13 , 2006

Karen began the meeting at 7:03 PM. For attendance see the attendance sheet, kept by the secretary.

Police Report

Officer Brooke Harrison spoke about crime in the neighborhood and asked if folks had any questions. 801 Congress- haven’t noted things lately but call if you see anything. Roberta reported 6 North Normal. Andy mentioned the Kercher house that folks are using as a cut through to the back of the houses on MI Avenue. Steve Wild reported 805 Pearl Street.

Ian asked about car break-ins. Brooke stated that they believe it is a group of folks doing this, the police are trying to be attentive. Brooke suggested neighbors looking out for one another-watching out for people- keep a good look at the person.
5:00 on Wednesday at the Police Station.

Karen brought up walking groups or foot patrol. Another neighbor told how he used a digital camera to take pictures of loiterers and suggested to folks to use cameras and digital camera’s.

Vicky suggested the Volunteer Service Corps- people can join now w/o having to go through the academy. Ian suggested placing police cars around.

Harvey is going to the Copac meeting tomorrow. Asked if anyone had anything to contribute.


Using it for alerting neighbors about beautification. A neighbor suggested posting to the owner and the tenant. Patti needs to know if we want one color or two. Kristen will ask Leonardo to check with Standard Printing about how much they will donate.

A PO box for Midtown

Kristen will ask Leonardo to go down and get one for us.

501(c)(3) status

Ian checked with Rachel’s friend. He will inquire with Normal Park as well. Roberta was concerned about becoming a Corporation- the Articles of Incorporation, how much filing and time it would take the midtown rep. in charge of filing the paperwork.


Karen asked if anyone wants to start a walking group. Trash Pick-up, Report unappealing houses, Walking Groups. Patti suggested waiting until we had more folks in attendance at the meetings, Karen thought we should start with the small group we have.

Neighborhood Signs

Karen talked to Nathan Vogt. We have to talk to DPW and the police and they will tell us where we CAN put signs. There is also a traffic committee we can talk to. Patti suggested that we talk to sign shops first and gather information about how much things cost. Kristen will look at sign places. We will discuss it at the next Exec. Meeting.

Meeting signs

Harvey will look into the Notice of Meeting signs.

Student Welcome

Karen brought up having packets for students when they move in.

Meeting flyers

Patti volunteered to design and print the flyers for the association. Kristen will get the agenda to her beforehand. Andy suggested making the flyers more informative for folks who don’t want/can’t come to come to the meetings.
Midtown has 250 building, 750 front doors in midtown.

Social hour

Patti and Kristen brought up doing a more social event- potluck or night out at the Tap Room Annex in January. Andy mentioned Frenchie’s. We decided to have the January meeting at a place in town for a more social event.

Police fire holiday dinners

Ian will talk on Wednesday to Matt Hershberger.


Have an executive meeting at Patti’s house- first meeting in December 4th. We are not having the December main meeting.


Kristen thanked Patti for designing the t-shirts. Andy said that VG kids made them, and we could find out if we can pre-order more.

Harvey noted that Carol Perisho at 700 block of Congress.

Karen announced that Paul and Eli opened up the Rocket on MI Avenue and encouraged folks to go there.

Karen dismissed at 8:30 PM.