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Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2006

Harvey starts meeting at 7:02 PM. He introduced the leadership team and the agenda for the night. For attendance see attendance sheet.

Down zoning Discussion

Harvey welcomed Bill Nickels, Lois Richardson and Brian from the City Council.

Bill researched nature of neighborhood and what has been-what should it be. He went to the historical museum archives and looked at records from the 1800Ős. Zoning effects how buildings are used. Midtown- change in neighborhood went w/ enrollment boom of the 60's and so the usage of the properties changed at that time. Bill stated that the reason for making zoning changes would be to improve to land usage.

Steve Pierce: typically down zoning is in the countryŃtrying to stop large developments from coming in.

Question: how was down zoning handled on the East side? Nickels: yes, there are grandfather laws. Comment from Barnes: the East side it was easier because they were rooming houses, not individual apartments. Nickels: it was the neighborhood that came to the city and asked for help, asked for this to happen.

Harvey: January 14th Fireside chat. Mayor farmer will be there and we'd like to engage her in this conversation.

Rachel stated that if your property is in tiptop shape and you have a fire, many people are opposed to the fact that you would have to ask for a special permit, or permission, to rebuild exactly how it was.

Comment from group: we need to make Ypsi better w/ stores (grocery, places to shop, etc) first. Down zoning is not as relevant as making this a better place to live and attracting people here in the first place.

Joe Lawrence: Maybe we ought to make it be something done to those landlords who don't take care of their properties. Not those who are doing a good job for the city.

Nickels: people voluntarily down zoned in oak/maple and in midtown already.

Harvey and Rachel: there are so many positive things going on in this neighborhood. These are all things that are in line w/ what the down zoning is supposed to accomplish. We want all of these things to happen- we aren't opposed to what the council is trying to get at..

Steve Pierce: we aren't the same neighborhood that we were 100 years ago. We do have students now; people living here-there are different needs now.

Lois: doesn't believe total down zoning is the answer. We do have a university here. We just need better houses! We donŐt want dilapidated houses. We want to have a small area w/ great homes. Let's work together to make our city great.

Pierce: we need enforcement. It can't just be the city. It has to also be the neighbors. But the neighbors can't just complain, they have to actually help out. His association asks realtors and then brokers to help maintain the houses and not break them up, not advertise as "income potential". We have to have an activist stance.

Joe: Another example: oftentimes older people want to have an additional apt. in their house for an extra income. They don't want to move. He (Joe) was surprised to find that this group was the most vocal opposition to downsizing because of this reason.

Harvey thanked everyone for their opinions and ended the conversation.

Opportunities for Involvement- "The ongoing teamwork in Midtown"

If you interested in these groups, please mark it down on the sign in sheet or contact any of the Leadership team.

Neighborhood Finance Report

Eli Morrissey, Midtown Treasurer, led a discussion on membership.

Eli propsed a $10 per household minumum donation (voluntary but more is accepted).The thought was that Businesses (landlords/rental companies/restaurants) could also donate association fees and with their donation have a link on the website.

He also suggested doing some fundraising activities such as a) yard sale, b) buy landscaping bushes in bulk with premium to NA, c) neighborhood baked goods sale(s). Another member suggested a flea market/ neighborhood wide garage sale in riverside park.

Eli motions to start donations in March 2005. Seconded by Bryant. Agreed on by all. Kristen stated that a form will be available online and they will pass it around via email when it is up on the site.

We can report that "The Night of lights" brought in a net profit of $65 after approx. $85 was given to Lesley for supply costs. What a huge success! Next year we are gonna get the supply cost down, and bring more participation to the event! Thanks to everyone who contributed. Special "props" go to Lesley for coordinating this festive event

Neighborhood Incidents

Rodney Nanney did not have anything to report. He asked for a 2nd volunteer for COPAC. No one volunteered yet.


January "NDLP" fireside chats. 7-8 PM, places to all be announced.

New Business

Upcoming Meetings at the Senior Center

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.