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Midtown Neighborhood Association

About the Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Midtown Neighborhood Association is to promote the quality of life in the neighborhood. The associaton will strive to maintain the integrity of neighborhood properties, to improve access to city services, and to promote pride in historic homes. A friendly, neighborly culture will be cultivated as we cooperate to share our common environment and living space. The informed participation of members in the activities of the assocation is encouraged and appreciated.


President: Mike Shecket
Vice-President:Ian Andrews
Secretary: Roberta Andrews
Treasurer: Volunteer wanted!
CoPAC Representative #1: Harvey Krage
CoPAC Representative #2: Rodney Nanney


For questions concerning the association, please contact us.

Note: due to circumstances beyond our control, the old "midtown@ypsi.com" e-mail address is currently inoperable. For the time being, please contact us at midtown@mikeshecket.com.

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